GIRT Meeting at Coimbatore

20140428_203107The quarterly meeting of GIRT was held at Hotel Residency, Coimbatore, on 28th April, 2014.    The meeting was well attended with more than 25 members participating. 

Mr. Samy Thiyagarajan, Managing Director of KOLAM Group from Berlin,  Germany, gave a speech on “ EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES FOR EMPLOYMENT FOR INDIANS IN GERMANY”.       Mr. Venkat Narasimhan,  Advisor, GIZ Offiice [India] made a presentation on  “COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION ON LIVING & WORKING IN GERMANY FOR INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS”.   The members got to know the emerging employment opportunities for various trades in Germany. 

The meeting ended with dinner jointly sponsored by Mr.Raj Govindarajan of M/s. Flow  Link Systems and Mr.Annamalai of M/s.Annamalai Capital Services, Coimbatore.